Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning

Services You Can Rely On

At Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning we’re proud to provide a number of different cleaning services to the locals in and around Geelong. Our fully accredited and trained team can handle any type of professional home or commercial cleaning job.

Our Main Services We Provide

Carpet Cleaning

At Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning we can clean any type of carpet. Our professional cleaning technicians use powerful equipment in order to gain the best results time and time again. Unlike many other carpet cleaners, we don’t leave any chemicals in the carpet which will smell days later. Instead we use specialised spotting agents in combination with a pure hot water final rinse. With our carpet cleaning service, the carpet can be used the very same day for our client’s convenience.


Our upholstery service can provide professional cleaning of any type of upholstery including suedes. Our company can cater for both large and small jobs. In our company we have a large number of upholstery drying equipment and drying rooms that can get the job done in no time at all.

Odour Management

At Stanley Steamer Carpet Cleaning we can offer a number of solutions to specific odour problems you may be experiencing. We assess the odour problem and supply and/or integrate select chemicals to combat against the problem. With a focus on OHS concerns in the nursing industry, we have developed professional maintenance and management programs to make areas such as this safer and more hygienic for residents. One of our large customer bases in Geelong is in the nursing home industry.

Another common odour concern for many people is the odour cats and dogs leave behind. We encounter and manage a large number of animal odour issues with positive outcome and results. We can also achieve great results with staining problem as well for all our clients.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Our tile and grout cleaning service can provide professional cleaning of tile and grout applications in both commercial and residential buildings. We started in the tile and grout cleaning area early when the demand first came out. Since then we have adapted our cleaning methods to provide effective solutions with great outcomes.

Decks, Paving and Shade Cloth Cleaning

A spin off area to our current tile cleaning services, we’re proud to also provide professional cleaning of decks, paving and shade cloths. Today this has become a pivotal point in our industry with many people requiring this service. To clean these key areas, we use a powerful pressure washing system in an outdoor area that’s similar to how tiles are cleaned.

Flood Emergency Work

For the last 35 years we’ve been the leader in both domestic and commercial cleaning of water damage claims. Many leading insurers know us from our professional courtesy and reliability during these difficult and stressful times. We make sure we address claims promptly and in a safe manner for the best results.