Couples Counselling

Marriage and long-term intimate relationships have consistently been found to be good for our health. A large body of couples research indicates that both men and women are likely to be physically and mentally more healthy when compared to their single counterparts.

Happy, well functioning marriages and long-term relationships provide us with a significant source of emotional support in an increasingly fast and stressful world. However when our relationships become distant, unsupportive, or even hostile they can become the opposite. Far from being somewhere to turn towards, such relationships can become a significant source of distress and unhappiness for both partners.

Of course all couples face some difficulties at some time in their relationship. It is unrealistic to expect that two individuals will be in total agreement about everything! Different opinions about a range of issues, such as: how to manage money, family commitments, sexual needs, trust, and many others can place a relationship under considerable pressure. It is important that such issues be addressed in a timely manner, as they can cause resentment to build if left unresolved.

There are a number of signs which indicate that your marriage, or long-term relationship may be experiencing difficulties. These include:

  • Either you or your partner are feeling dissatisfied with the relationship.
  • You have frequent arguments which do not get resolved
  • You spend little of your leisure time together and appear to live separate, disconnected lives
  • You no longer feel love and respect for your partner
  • There is very little, emotional or physical intimacy between yourself and your partner
  • You, or your partner are having an affair.

How we can help

At TG Psychology we have helped many couples to rediscover the passion and intimacy in their relationship. We provide a supportive and nonjudgmental environment in which you and your partner can begin the process of communicating your relationship needs to each other. Our psychologists can help you to identify shared relationship goals and to recognise, and address, barriers which stop you from achieving them. These may include communication skills such as active listening, assertiveness, compromise, conflict resolution and regaining trust, as well as strategies to re-experience the affection and emotional connection that characterises most relationships in their beginning.

Unfortunately couples counselling will not be able to repair all unhappy partnerships. In some cases your partner’s willingness and commitment to rebuilding the relationship may differ from your own. In these situations our psychologists can provide you with additional individual assistance to help you to accept and adjust to this outcome.

To book an appointment for marriage or couples counselling, please give TG Psychology a call today, on Ph 02 8089 2665 and take the first step towards rediscovering the love and passion in your relationship.